June 25- Youth Day

The role of the World Peace Forum Youth Working Group has been to support youth voices, participation and engagement at the World Peace Forum with particular focus on the road leading up to the WPF event as well as a sustainable framework that continues on into the future.

The goals of the Youth Working Group have been accomplished through outreach and collaboration with international, national and local youth groups with special attention to amplifying the presence of those voices traditionally absent from dialogue.

The WPF Youth Group has actively made an effort to connect youth to find inspiration, to access information, to get involved, and to take action in their local and global communities. The weekly meetings provided a platform for expression, connection to community opportunities, and support for action.

Youth Day Events:

“Peace by Piece” Project Fair
The World Peace Forum Youth Working Group invites schools, organizations, and community groups to share their visions of peace through open-ended creative peace projects. The exhibition will take place in the SUB ballroom and the art gallery will be held in the SUB party room.


The Black Hills Action Camp
In October 2005, Native youth from Canada and the US gathered in South Dakota to discuss methods of organizing and activism. This workshop will outline the situation that Native youth live in today?s society, and how Indigenous youth are overcoming challenges and fighting for their rights in Canada and the US.
Aaron Mercredi is a Metis organizer who works on the Board of Directors for Redwire Native Youth Media Society, which publishes a quarterly magazine by and for Indigenous youth (www.redwiremag.com).
Making History, Shaping the Future!
Chronicling Student and Youth Involvement in Movements for Peace
Join current student organizers to discuss the vital and dynamic role young people have in historical, local, and international movements for peace and justice. From Vancouver to Vietnam, we?ll explore our position in the past and in the present, and strategize for the future. Featuring original multi-media presentations!
Since 1971 and 1969  respectively, the Capilano Students Union and Langara Students Union have been active in advancing the unity and position of students locally and internationally. Together they represent over 16,000 student members.
Somos un Rìo Creciendo (We Are a Growing River):
Young People Take the Lead in Cuba and Latin America
Did you know that Cuba has the youngest government in the world?  That all students are guaranteed free education, even at a post-secondary level? Join young Latin-American solidarity activists to discuss the central role Cuban youth have in shaping their society, and how its catching on in places like Venezuela and Bolivia.
Since May of 2004, Vancouver Communities in Solidarity with Cuba (VCSC) has been student-led group organizing consistently and passionately in support of the Cuban people. VCSC discusses and informs people across Canada about how the Cuban people have faced a blockade, large-scale terrorism, and all out aggression by the United States for the last 45 years, and has still risen to the #1 position in Latin America in life expectancy, literacy and doctors, and the lowest infant mortality rate.
VCSC will be joined by other Latin-American solidarity activists for the presentation.
Check: www.vancubasolidarity.com or phone 778-882-5223 for more information.

Creating a Youth Peace-builder Network in Your Community
Learn how to create a network of active youth who are working to build cultures of peace in their own communities and connect with like-minded youth throughout the world.   This interactive workshop will feature presentations by students on creating a culture of peace and the worldviews that are its foundation.
Youth Peace-builder Network (YPN) is a peer-led organization that seeks to connect and train youth to contribute to the establishment and advancement of a culture of peace through creative discourse and education. YPN is one of several programs sponsored by the International Education for Peace Institute.

Global Institution Jam!
It’s tough to keep up with all these terms, and the global institutions they refer to, but they have a huge impact on the world, and on your life. For once see them broken down, simple and clear. This workshop will engage and educate through real stories, creative _expression and dialogue.
Sara is a Vancouver-based artist/facilitator who has studied the global trade system through participation in social movements here and elsewhere in the Americas.  Sara is interested in fully-engaged group processes that are personally meaningful and socially relevant; she brings her readiness for dialogue and learning to facilitation of all kinds.

Work Done in War Torn Countries
Come join us at a panel discussion around work done in war torn countries.  We?ll be looking at the different perspectives of the people and livelihoods affected/ impacted by work done in war torn countries; child soldiers, aid/ humanitarian workers, areas of conflict such as Darfur and much more! 
Featuring, Canadian Red Cross, Doctors without Borders, War Child, and Canadian Students for Darfur. 

Youth in Action for Change!
Everywhere we travel around the world, youth are an active element in making social change. Join us for this exciting workshop that connects youth in Canada to youth around the world, through multimedia presentations, speakers, and discussion. This is an event for every young person who wants to change the world, who asks, ?What can I do to make change here?and support youth working for change internationally??
Mobilization Against War and Occupation (MAWO) is an anti-war, pro-peace coalition in the B.C. Lower Mainland, composed of more than 50 endorsing member groups that include student unions, student and youth anti-war groups, women’s rights organizations, Indigenous organizations, and third world groups. Aside from organizing Vancouver’s annual anti-war Film Festival and anti-war hip-hop music festival, MAWO has been active since 2003 in raising awareness about war through educational forums, conferences, and monthly demonstrations for peace.

Doctors Without Borders (MSF)
Sharon Janzen is a dedicated  nurse who has been working closely with MSF (Doctors Without Borders) for the last 3 years. She has traveled the globe and witnessed the suffering firsthand  in war-torn and poverty stricken countries. In  2003 she  joined MSF and completed her  first 6 month mission in Somalia with a focus on primary healthcare. She then returned to the field last year and spent 3 months in Darfur, Sudan, in a refugee camp, also with MSF. She has also spent some time in Sri Lanka with AMDA in Jan 2005 post-tsunami. When Sharon is not on missions for MSF she divides her time between the Children’s Hospital ER department, CDC, Pine Free youth clinic and BC Women’s Sexual Assault team. This bright, hardworking woman is excited to share her many experiences with World Peace Forum audiences. She hopes that her stories will help to educate and inspire  the public and thus bring a better future to  third world  countries.

Building Peace one Piece at a Time – A workshop for Youth Groups
In this interactive workshop we will strengthen our ability to build peace when working in groups with our peers. Using a series of fun activities we will explore conflict resolution and communication. Together we will learn to create spaces where differences are celebrated and inclusive community is redefined.
Kinex is a youth-driven team working on social change to promote the well-being of young people and raise youth voice within community. We offer workshops on peer support circles, group dynamics & facilitation. We also work with diverse groups of young people, creating action projects on issues affecting their lives.

The Trade Game
For every dollar given in aid to developing countries, two dollars is lost in unfair trade.  Trade has the potential to lift billions out of poverty, but current trade rules make the poor even poorer.  Come and take part in this fun interactive trade game and learn about how the WTO and World Bank function, how unfair trade can lead to food insecurity, war and conflict.  Sponsored by Oxfam Canada – www.oxfam.ca

Mines Action Canada
The objectives of the workshop would be laid out in four phases:
(1) Introduction to the landmine issue (What are they and why are they used? Where are they? How do they work?)
(2) In-depth look at the humanitarian crisis caused by landmines (Exercises in smaller groups that reveal how a person is socially, physically and economically affected by being a landmine victim; same exercise for how a community and finally a country are affect)
(3) Examination of what has been done to solve this issue (look into the important aspects of the Ottawa Convention, why some have and have not signed it, other governmental, non-governmental or grassroots initiatives taking place)
(4) What can You do? (time to debrief what has been learned and to connect it to what individuals in the room can do to take action against the use of landmines: promote thought on fundraising activities, how to target letter-writing, awareness events in schools, Canadian Landmine Awareness Week, etc.)

Active Meditations-The Path to Peace
Active Meditations were designed for the 21st Century Western Culture by an Eastern Indian Mystic, Osho.  These powerful tools combine activity; usually sound, breathing techniques, catharsis and/or movement, with stillness.  Active meditations quickly break through the layers of conditioning in the mind-body to find the deep inner peace eternally present within.  Only then, will peace be realized in the external world.  Contact Jeff Goreski

In this interactive workshop we will strengthen our ability to build peace when working in groups with our peers. Using a series of fun activities we will explore conflict resolution and communication. Together we will learn to create spaces where differences are celebrated and inclusive community is redefined. Contact Amber

Heart in Action Virtual Forum
Heart in Action Enterprises is co-organizer of a youth forum with the theme of the “Power of Technology as Used by Youth to Make Changes in the Lives of Persons Around the World. ” The Forum will focus on technology in novel ways to make dynamic changes that have promoted global unity, the abolition of disease, and the promotion of powerful educational initiatives and young leaders show casing their work in Africa, India and other parts of the world. With a current focus on electronic learning, telecommunications, and the expansion of broadband access, Heart in Action offers resources to assist future leaders wishing to bridge the digital divide.
Contact Ashie Hirji ashie@heartinaction.com

The Bigger Life: Youth and Nuclear Disarmament.
How do we stay engaged in the crisis of nuclear proliferation without burning out? This workshop offers an opportunity to hear the depths of our concerns about nuclear weapons and take joy in finding our power to constructively respond.
Dr. Kathleen Sullivan, Educational consultant to the United Nations
Co-ordinator of Nuclear Weapons Education and Action Project, New York City

Evening of Performances
The Youth Day will be topped off with an Evening Showcase of Entertainment that will run from 7-9:30p. Entertainment will include drama and dance performances, local bands, movies, and much more- what a nice way to finish off a full day!!