Vancouver H2S Training

Want to work in the oil and petroleum industry? One of the first things you need to do is to get your H2S certification. You cannot work in the industry without it. Vancouver H2S training is readily available and the course is a one day course! If you want a better paying job the key is through certification. The Canadian EEO laws can help you get the right job regardless of your gender, race or disability if you have your certifications in order. The course is informative and will help you get your certification.

What is H2S Training?

H2S training is a course that is taught to help workers recognize and monitor the deadly Hydrogen Sulfide gas. This gas is deadly in minutes. It has a rotten egg smell to it but quickly will deaden the sense of smell. It can be found in many areas and is often discovered when drilling for oil and natural gas. This gas is sometimes referred to as “sour gas”. It is highly toxic and flammable. The training focuses on detection of the gas and monitoring the same. It also teaches the student how to properly use respiratory equipment, basic rescue techniques and other useful training. H2s training is mandatory for anyone that wishes to work in the oil industry or petroleum industry. It is a mandatory safety course that can literally save lives..

Course Dates

The course is only 8 hours long so it is offered quite a bit. You can easily enroll in a course when you are ready. Unlike other training course the H2S training is very sought after so it is offered about once every week or so. The courses fill up quickly because it is such a valuable certification to have.
Early registration is key to making sure you can get in for the course date that you want. Don’t despair if you don’t get the course date that you want just register for the next available date.

The Cost

Vancouver H2S training is relatively inexpensive when you compare it to the employment potential that you can realize by having the certification. You may qualify for some financial assistance with the course. In any case the course is the only way to open up employment opportunities in the lucrative oil industry in Vancouver.
Don’t delay in getting your H2S certification. The longer you wait the less opportunities you have to start making good money!

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