ICBC and Personal Injuries from Car Accidents

If you have been in a car accident in Vancouver, BC and the party at fault has ICBC insurance then you need to know what all is involved. We will start that off today by letting you know what a personal injury claim entails. If you are the party at fault, you may not make a claim for personal injury.

What you can make a claim for

Aside from being injured in the accident there may be other damages that you have a right to file for. These can personalinjurylawyerinclude damages for pain and suffering, loss of future as well as past wages, out of pocket expenses, management fees, legal disbursements and costs (lawyer fees), future care, tax gross up and court order interest.


It should be noted that when you are injured in an accident there are time limits that you will have to meet in order to make your claim. This time is generally within 30 days of the accident. The time limits are actually a law and not just corporate policy.

Medical Assistance

As with any accident, you should seek medical treatment immediately, even if you do not notice any injuries right away. With vehicle accidents sometimes the soft muscle tissue does not present any signs of being injured for up to 48 hours.

Legal Issues

You should also get into contact with a good personal injury attorney on a referral site like This is imperative. By choosing the right attorney you can make sure that you get everything that is coming to you. That is generally a significantly larger amount than if you were to try to deal with ICBC on your own. This is because a trained and licensed personal injury attorney does this kind of thing on a daily basis. They are familiar with all of the statutes and laws pertaining to this area. They can recommend doctors and other medical personnel that ICBC approves of. They know which documents to file and how to get all of the pertinent records from the medical personnel that you have had contact with. If your case ends up going to court then they also are familiar with the other attorneys as well as the judges who sit the case. This will put them in a better position to argue your case than it will for you to try to go it alone. Especially if you car has been loaned to you with such risky loans as bad credit car loans.

Get yourself healed

Once you get a good personal injury attorney then pretty much what you need to do is get your injury healed. If the lawyer asks you for anything, information or documents then you should make sure that you get him what he asks for as soon as possible.

Dealing with ICBC and personal injuries from car accidents does not have to be just as painful as your injuries. If you follow the procedures that are put in place by the laws and make your claim in the specified amount of time then things can generally take care of themselves.

It is not required that you obtain the services of a personal injury lawyer but it is recommended to anyone anywhere who is injured in a vehicle accident.
ICBC also has a tips and advice book that you can get that will let you know all of their policies and procedures for anyone dealing with ICBC and personal injuries from car accidents. On that same site they also give an overview of the things that you will find it the book. When you get this book, read it to find out everything that you are entitled to as well as how to go about getting it.

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