We acknowledge the role of the labour movement in Canada and throughout many countries of the world in successfully helping to mobilize so many participants in demonstrations prior to the U.S. invasion of Iraq, such as the 250,000 who were on the streets of Montréal, which helped to ensure to government of Canada and of other countries did not join the invasion.  We also need to acknowledge that our mobilizing efforts were largely secondary to the peace movement’s efforts and those of other social justice groups. 

The Mission

The World Peace Forum is an open space to build consensus among civil society and civic governments to jointly accomplish a living culture of peace. We aim to raise awareness of militarism and their consequences, develop effective practices and models to reduce violence and encourage peaceful means to end conflict, achieve justice and reach sustainability in our communities. We do this by bringing together individuals, groups and civic governments to have an open and respectful dialogue during the World Peace Forum 2006.

The Goal

The World Peace Forum 2006 will build networks of citizens and civic governments committed to a culture of peace and sustainability. As global militarism rises as an imminent threat to our cities and communities, these networks will play a major influence on their national governments to reduce military spending and promote peaceful solutions to conflicts in the world.